Tax Preparation

What we offer:

My first taste of true adulthood happened on my 18th birthday, when my Dad handed me a 1040 EZ and told me to do my own taxes.   It didn't go well.  Whether you've done your own taxes for years, or this is your time having to file, navigating the various forms, tax law changes, credits, deductions, preparing any kind of Tax Return can be daunting.  

We are here to Help!

Wilhelm and Company proudly offers a few different types of services that can relieve the stress of preparing your returns. 

1040 Reviews:

Are you a warrior with your taxes, but always wondered how well you were doing?  Let us take a look at your return and have our Tax experts find any potential savings or errors.  

Payroll Returns:

Have a nanny?  Have a workforce of 50?  Let us handle your payroll filings!  

Full Service Tax Preparation:

 We always suggest a meeting before accepting new clients.  What separates us from chain and large Tax Prepares is attention to detail and the individual. 

At our first meeting, we will first look at what your goals are in regard to your tax liability.  We take a look at all factors; past, present and future, to chart the best course of action.  We also want to determine if our services are right for you.  Sometimes IT IS cheaper to do them yourselves!

Once a Client, we will try and build a tax profile of the last 2 years (if information is available.)  This profile will set the ground work to a successful tax plan.  

All returns are completed by Licensed Enrolled Agents or Certified Public Accountants.  Once the return is complete, it is then reviewed for any errors or omissions by a separate Tax Professional to ensure a quality return.  

We offer mail and e-filing options.  Once the return is filed, we stand behind our work.  We keep your records for at least 10 years.  We've seen a lot over the years, and one things for sure, when you know where something is, it always best!