About Us

Christopher Wilhelm, E.A.



Chris is a graduate of Wright State University and Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity.  He spent over 10 years in Sales and Project Management in the retail and home building sectors before joining the firm full time. 


His purview is Business and Personal Tax Preparation, Payroll Services, Employee Training, Management Efficiency  Consulting, among other services.  

Customer Service is our Passion


Wilhelm & Company Inc., is a lifelong dream come true...The opportunity to HELP and work with people.  Customer Service is so important to us.  We believe in setting clear expectations with our clients. To ensure the best possible results, whether its a Tax Return, or a process management plan for a Long Term Health center, We believe in communication.  

Wilhelm & Company was born from Michael J. Wilhelm & Associates to be able to give more focus to the individual.  I promise to continue to provide the best service, advice, communication that I can possibly  give to ensure we grow together.  

Remember, if I don't know, Mike does!

The Engine Room


When asked to write something for this section, Mike simply said, "You do it."

Mike created Michael J. Wilhelm & Associates over 30 years ago.  Mike and I work closely still to ensure the best possible outcomes.  Fear not, Mike's Steel Trap of a mind is still a powerful engine!